Main tasks: 

Prepare the suite for arrivals and welcome guests.

Serve and be a constant source of information during the guests stay both with business and personal requests.

Touring the guests both within and off the Blue Lagoon premises.

Anticipating the guests needs at all times and fullfill their requests to the best ability.

Offer personal service and be available to the guests at their request.

Tasks may include unpacking and later packing suitcases, running a bath, arrange meals during the stay and arrange wake-up calls.

Promote facilites; such as wardrope management, laundry, providing room amentities and replenshing the private bar.

Escorting to any or all appointments on-and off hotel facilities.



Extremely professional, warm and positive.

Excellent communication- and cooperation skills as well as English skills (writing and speaking).

Patient and passionate for welcoming and assisting guests during their stay by paying 100% attention to their wishes and needs.

Good organizational skills and precision.


Preferably 25 years old or older.


For further information please contact Embla Grétarsdóttir orÆgir Viktorsson HR specialists in 420-8800


The hiring process has begun and is ongoing. The earliest start date for new hires is September, 2017.



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